Saturday, May 10, 2008

freakin my freak

Urgh. Tomorrow is mother's day... I had plans to meet my mother today for a late lunch, but she crapped out... she wants me to come by tomorrow and I don't really want to. I'm such a shit kid. I really, really am.

I did go to Saigon Bowl and I pigged out. That was nice.

Baddie McCool emailed me today -- which is always a very pleasant surprise. Oh, I hope I get to work with him again some day, but it's not looking likely. For one thing, it doesn't much look like I'm going to be working much in the future. I'm not certain that this Disney thing is actually "on" and that my friend, Luke is going to be working it with me... and I actually sat down and counted the days. I'm only going to be on it for 18 days. Yes, that's better than 0 days, but it's not much when I haven't really worked yet all year...

Something good is bound to happen eventually. Until then I'm making socks. I'm determined to get to the heel by tomorrow night... I just need to take a wee nap first.

Today's words: Number 49, my belly loves you.

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