Saturday, May 24, 2008

hoo-ray disney?

So... my partner in grime dropped off the Disney tour and I'm headed out with someone I know who may or may not like me. It's going to be a long month, June. On the upside, in-between the fly dates and the regular gigs, I get to hang out near Philly with Dar. Dar is almost like Charlie (yeah, he who has Angels, but this is a "her" and she's not fighting crime... just bootleggers) -- we've never met in person after what, three years of regular correspondence and phone calls? I'm really excited.

Tomorrow is Maine -- I'm going to try to get stand-by on the early, early flight so I don't miss my connection at the dreaded O'Hare. I cannot tell you how many flights I've missed at O'Hare. That airport is a nightmare. If I get on the early flight I'll have time to get some trashy magazines and inhale some breakfast -- while the airport sucks, they have pretty good restaurants. I suppose they have to accommodate all the travelers with their missed connections somehow, no?

In other news, I really hate the POS Pasha. I've seamed one penguin and have two laying in pieces on the coffee table. Oscar might have to settle for the crappy penguin -- my original plan was to make him a family (or a "waddle" according to Wikipedia) but I had to scrap that plan when the crap grey acrylic in my stash got bigger, bulkier gauge than the other stuff (even on smaller needles). I couldn't take the squeakiness of the acrylic on nickel needles, so the poor kid only gets one penguin -- and quite possibly a shitty one at that. Photos forthcoming -- i.e. evidence of my crap whip-stitching skillz.

I have to go to the post office now and mail back that "10-minute Trainer" I felt compelled to purchase because the infomercial was so persuasive. Don't buy it people, you will be let down. I cannot resist Tony Horton's enthusiasm but I must remember that he's a vampire and he's evil.

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