Sunday, May 4, 2008

keeping myself on the couch

...and not out shopping from the boredom. There's an informercial on TV about buying foreclosure property and the music is SOOO annoying. I am unable to change the channel, however and I think the cheesy C-rock sounding theme is growing on me. It's a constant loop of four bars.


I figured I could write about LA and how it was such a disappointing trip. I had high hopes at the outset:I really should've flown in on Friday night, but it didn't seem a good idea at the time. Whatevs. Saturday was a LONG day; Ian and I drank happy hour drinks and then went to dinner with Victoria and fam on Rodeo Drive. More drinks were drunk which just left me feeling less than human and horribly hungover for that long, hot drive out to Indio. On a side-note, at the first bar on Saturday night there was a girl who looked very familiar... like from High School familiar... and she was. Kind of. She was an actress who was on both Beverly Hills 90210 AND Melrose Place. She also had new(ish) boobs. They were massive. Oh, LA, you'll kill anyone's soul.

Sunday: long, long drive. 15-passenger van with three passengers. It was so wasteful... Bud Bundy was in the VIP area... as were some other "celebutards" like Kelly Osborne and Elijah Wood. I kept my shit together and didn't go all stupid fan-like. I also ran into Charlie the drummer from some silly tour I did a couple of years ago (I got kicked off the tour when the girlfriends banded together and decided they didn't want another girl on the bus... even though I'm not the girl any of them ever need to worry about). Whatev. I'm only a little bitter... time heals and all that garbage. Well, Charlie looked good and he seems to be doing well. He's in another band now -- I must remember to check them out. Another manager was there, who I should've begged for work from, but he was there on vacation with his new fiancee, so I kept the begging at bay. Anyhow, what I'm getting at is that the networking wasn't happening because the network was down. I couldn't really drink because I had to drive people to and from the hotel, which I didn't mind, but when I was chastised for telling the band I was hungover, that kind of ticked me off. Whatev. Bygones!

So yeah, it was a waste of a trip.

Temping is finished. Thank god, right?

The alpaca thing was good -- I was directed to the extended vendor area this year -- the one I totally missed last year. Here are some funny photos:

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