Monday, May 5, 2008

leaky windows and lawsuits

So, the HOA is suing the builder (Wonderland Homes??) for poor workmanship on our overpriced townhouses... today was my interior inspection. I must say I had a fright the other morning when I came down the stairs and there were two men on my balcony (with a ladder propped up against it). In my sleepy state all I could think was, "DAYLIGHT HOME INVASION!!!" and then the fog cleared a bit and I remembered they were coming to scrape paint and stuff -- gather "evidence."

So, apparently the issues I have at my house are nothing compared to some of my unfortunate neighbors. Is this good news? I'll say yes. I'll also start thinking positive thoughts of a payout to come... maybe then I can get my stairs fixed. Grumble, grumble.

I'm still not working!!! Oh, how I hate this. You're supposed to do your Gap Year at age 18 or thereabouts... not at 35. I'm now regretting not even thinking about getting knocked up for my birthday last year -- 35 was the cutoff I set for myself, afterall... I just didn't think I'd have all this time to sit around eating for two. Let me clarify here, I AM eating for two, but I'm not pregnant. I'm trying to fill that void with cupcakes and you know what? It's working.

Today's words: Conclusion jumping, brain stumping, heart thumping

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