Friday, May 23, 2008

oh good grief!!!!

My afternoon programming has been pre-empted yet again due to "severe weather." What ever happened to NWS alerts? They test for them occasionally so I know they're still in use, however all but one of the network stations has interrupted regularly scheduled programs to report on this storm. It's not good enough to run the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen... or even do a picture-in-picture report... NO, they've cock-blocked Ellen and I'm fuming. ARGH.

I think that what's most frustrating is that they've got helicopters in the air and people rushing to the storm area in hopes that another devastating "Deadly Tornado" will hit. There's nothing going on -- just big storm clouds. Seriously. C'mon already!

FAH! Channel 4 has now jumped on the tragedy bandwagon. I hate Oprah but that's mostly because she's like heroin and I NEED her... they pre-empted her yesterday. Bastards.

Today's words: so what if there's a thunderstorm?

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