Saturday, May 24, 2008

penguins and lawn signs

As promised... Pash-it (aka Frankenpenguin):
In progress-shots... of the two additional penguins which will be living in a plastic bag until some random point in the future when I can actually "deal" with them. I think I've got to sew them together on an actual sewing machine... and that is a pain in the buttocks, too:
And I forgot to post this. I was riding my bicycle home from the Rockies game on Wednesday (where I acquired my sexy sunburn) and noticed these houses on 35th:
The house on the left has one Obama sign in the front yard. The house next door has about four Clinton signs. I just thought it was funny. I hope that if Hil drops out, that these people do the right thing and go Donkey all the way. I really, really do.

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