Tuesday, May 13, 2008

they should rename the show, "the bastard"

I got suckered in to The Bachelor madness because there were two local girls on the show -- one made it to the final 2 and lost very ungraciously. I don't really blame her... it's pretty humiliating being dumped on national television. Oh Chelsea... you didn't charm anyone enough to get your own spin-off.

I must say I was stunned that he would chose Shane, the archetype of the Hollywood bimbo. To each their own I suppose.

Today I actually touched the console and am feeling pretty positive about possibly becoming an audio technician when I'm not on the road... or even possibly getting some local production work. We'll see if this good feeling lasts. I did stop at that venue in Boulder to get an "intern" application and to sit and have a chat with the PM. He wasn't in today and nobody could find the applications... I left one of my cheesy cards and I'm sure nobody will bother to get in touch. Oh well. I might have to just show up one of these days and be the ultimate pest. I'm caring less about that sort of thing lately.

I'm exhausted... maybe it's the spring weather, maybe it's just Epstein Barr. Regardless, here's me, on the couch, sneezing and drinking tea. I'm not going to jail tonight... I think that's alright -- they weren't really expecting me anyway.

Today's words: Brain atrophy has set in permanently.

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