Monday, May 12, 2008

today was good

...even though I'm not going to Duran Duran. CB is in town, but he didn't get in touch so I just assumed he couldn't get me tickets. Again. No real big deal.

I spent the day learning about how a Production Company works -- I actually knew more than I thought I did about what the Sound Techs do on tour... yay? I'm going back tomorrow to learn a little more about the Digi-design Venue console. It's really cool -- I haven't been on the business end of a console in over 15 years and how things have changed. I hope I can get enough knowledge and practice in to get hired on as a systems tech so I can get some in-between gigs... those would've been really handy this year.

OK. Today's words: Argh, I'm sick of the snow.

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