Wednesday, May 7, 2008

you can learn something new. every. day.

Or in a week.

I learned that if I don't eat food at home and forgo my daily swim, I can easily pack on five pounds in a week. Five. Ugly. Jiggly. Wiggly. Jello-ey pounds. And taking them off is going to be work.

I went for my first jog in about a lifetime today. It wasn't a jog so much as a walk, but I only stopped twice: once to check out the goslings (3) and the other time to investigate a rat/beaver that was swimming along the shoreline. And yet, my knees are swollen... I'm going to blame those 5 extra pounds.

If I say that someone "winked" at me on that site, will it totally give away the site I'm on (match)? Well, this guy was in Ft. Collins and he's 34, so we're making progress, people! I might have dates/dinner lined up pretty soon if I start my own winking campaign. I think I need help with my profile, though -- maybe I should take down the "realistic" photos -- the ones where I really look like me and put up another "glamour" shot. Hmmm. It just seems that the last time I did this I got more traffic so this 2nd time around feels a bit like a failure. Maybe I'm just being hypersensitive.

Today's words: A thick skin is good skin.

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