Monday, June 2, 2008

jazz in the park, yo

I went to my first J-i-t-P last night -- we didn't sit terribly close to the bandstand, which made it perfect -- the music was just in the background so conversations weren't screaming matches. Leah sent out a general invite last week and even though I had to force myself out the door, I really had a great time. The Yacobuccis were there, too -- with dogs and volleyball, but I didn't see them until the concert was over.

I actually rode my bike all the way to City Park for the show... by the time I reached Downtown (the half-way point), I was already winded and fraught over how I was going to manage the ride back home (uphill). I coped by drinking wine. I'm a lightweight, see, so a couple of glasses of riesling and I was quite jolly and actually looking forward to my ride home. Luckily Anne Marie and Aron just got a kitten, so I stopped at their place to meet Molly and Aron donned his chef's hat and made a ratatouille and tilapia dish which sated my craving for FOOD. I was going to backtrack from their place to Chubby's but I was sufficiently full and just hopped on my bike and made my merry way back to Edward Scissorhandsland.

It's so hot outside. I've been spending the morning trying to find a Sprinter to rent in Michigan to no avail. I'm already dreading this tour... urgh. Flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mean I'm completely on edge -- I'm off to the pool to try and achieve a zen state -- even if it's only for 30 minutes.

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