Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mii + wii

There is an upside to this tour. Yes, I'm hugging my wii... I'm going to be a rare sight once I get home and get this puppy hooked up. I'm so excited. After my crappy day yesterday, I really needed this.

Another funny thing happened... I bought this really cheap throw at Walmart (which killed me at the time, and this story proves you should never shop there anyway) because Jon keeps the truck somewhere near Arctic temperatures when he's driving. Anyhow, it's not fair to ask him to turn the a/c off just to accommodate me when it's easy enough for me to cover up, right? The truck was disgusting when I picked it up and it's just gotten dirtier as we've gone along. Today is my laundry day so I thought it would be a good idea to wash the blankie.

OK, the tag says it's something like 40% rayon and 50% nylon but to hand wash and drip dry. Whatev. Synthetic fabric on cold wash and medium dry (I don't care if it shrinks, right?) no bother. Um. When the wash was finished (even after a 2nd rinse cycle... I know, I know, not good for the environment... nor was the detergent I used) I go to throw it all in the dryer and there's fluff on everything. The blanket was disintegrating in the wash so what do I do? Throw it in the dryer and put the clothes through yet another rinse and spin cycle...

Blankie done drying, open dryer (it's a stacked wash/dry so it was on top) and all I see is that the lint screen is overflowing. I don't see any blanket. I thought the whole thing had come apart, alas it was in the back, albeit deflated and puny and all the lint was up front. As I grab the first bulging handful, poof it all blows into my face, so naturally I throw the handful up to try to clear the fuzz from my face. D'oh! The clothes? Still fuzz covered. I hope the fluff cycle gets most of the fuzz off them... bahaha, laundry drama.

Just goes to show that lower prices might lead to a funny laundry story, but since I'm going to throw this blanket away in Buffalo they don't necessarily equal value.

Today's words: Georgia slips from my mind easily

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