Friday, June 6, 2008

oh no they di'int

So... I'm trying to hit the sack early (yeah, quarter to 9pm) and this shit goes rolling by:

If I weren't so amused, I'd be seriously pissed off. I totally don't get it -- but do you see the BBQ place over there? In the brick building? Yeah, I found it after I ate at the diner... I've already got it penned into my schedule for tomorrow. Hells yeah!

I must say that I wish I had brought my own shampoo and conditioner. I usually don't, but I typically get to stay in nice hotels and they usually have nice product. I'm doing drive-by check-ins on this tour and I chanced it... it's combo "conditioning shampoo" tonight. Urgh. I hate this kind of stuff because it's a lie... there's no "conditioning" in there.

Today's words: Flying frightening, sleep impossibility, humidity high*

*higher than in the 5280 anyhow. I was sweating just walking around and it's only 75 here... maybe menopause is visiting early?

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