Friday, June 13, 2008

second show = no show

What a long day St. Louis was. After the show in Sioux Falls... after settling... at 2am I couldn't get a taxi back downtown to my hotel to grab my bag and 40 winks before my 6am flight. Sioux Falls lost it's luster. I actually begged a stranger to drive me to my room -- I was going to pay this guy $20 to drop me 2 miles away, but he was dead set on going to the "bar" and couldn't oblige. The two taxis in town were otherwise occupied and I crouched on the curb, crying to my best friend about how miserably tired I was when a kind woman took pity on me and made her daughter drive me to my room. Ah, good feelings restored.

The upside to being so tired was that I didn't care whether or not the plane crashed... it didn't, if you haven't figured that out yet. We had a smooth ride into Chicago; my transfer was speedy... the landing in St. Louis was a little bumpy but otherwise OK. When I found out that a cab was going to cost $100 each way to the gig, in my hazy state I had the presence of mind to rent a car (which turned out to be a boon in my favor!) and drove (on less than 2 hours of sleep) to Eureka! (A side note: Eureka! should always have an exclamation point after... it just seems the right thing to do).

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Along the way I got a frantic phone call from the venue -- they decided to count-in without me and start selling early. Yay? Yay! It meant I didn't need to return until the settlement because our numbers matched and I was on my way to a hotel and a bed and sleep. Or so I thought. Because I didn't do my homework the night before (I could've stayed a mere 20 meters from where I was vending had I mapquested the venue) I decided to stay within walking distance from the park. What I didn't realize is that check-in is later and check-out is earlier at these places. So... I get to the hotel at 12:30 and check-in is at 4pm. No, ma'am, there aren't ANY rooms clean yet... we were sold out last night... yeah. um. I went to the mall. The mall I passed half-way between the park and the airport. 20 minutes back the other way. Le sigh. It was an OK way to waste time -- they did have an Apple store afterall and by the time it was time to check-in I had managed to feed myself and pick up a cute pair of earrings. Driving back to the hotel at 3:30 was the happiest ride ever -- I knew a bed was within my sights, and then the call came. The show, didn't I know, had been canceled. The band is stuck in Chicago... blahblahblah. Chicago?? I was like, "keep selling -- maybe they'll drive down." But they didn't and the park pulled the stuff so I had to go settle.

That was St. Louis. Typical. I think it's me. I think I'm cursed.

Jersey was good -- I finally saw The Shore. It's lovely -- Cape May is like a movie set. I'd love to go stay there and just spend some lazy days... one of these days I must do exactly that. I wish I had a big group of girlfriends who could take a couple of weeks off life and do just that, but my friends are all so varied - I don't know if it would be too much drama. Hmmm. I'll have to think about this more when I'm more awake and can plan.

I took no photos in Jersey. Yeah, I suck.

I'm now in Saginaw, Michigan... the arrival was something out of a B-movie. The colors of the airport are very 1974 -- very reminiscent of my childhood, but the thing is, I think that perhaps the airport was probably way ahead of it's time as all the fittings looked like they were from the early '60's. I stepped outside to find the "taxi stand" and there were no taxis. There was a kind older gentleman with a "taxi service" who was waiting for his fare, his fare who ditched him, so he agreed to drive me into town to pick up my rental. We got lost. Three times. Eh, he was a sweet man... but when I found him, he was standing on the curb talking to a policeman about his military days and San Antone and the most retro of Muzak soundtracks was trickling through the tannoy system. It was so odd. So, so strange.

Everyone here is incredibly nice... it's very much mid-western. I learned that Saginaw was a major automobile manufacturing town in the day and it's been depressed for a few while... still, they have a Qdoba so I'm a happy camper. Jon, my partner on this tour, is arriving shortly (fingers crossed). I'm going to check on my laundry and then drive my little big truck to the International Airport to collect Mr. Jon. God help us all.

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