Friday, June 6, 2008

so far... sioux good

Cheesy, I know. You'd think I'd have picked that up off a t-shirt or a shot glass or something, but the puns just come to me. It's a kind of gift.

So the flight to Sioux Falls wasn't so bad... until the landing. Again. It was really windy; I was in the last row (alone, thankfully... but the arm rests didn't lift) with the flight attendants. Even they made a comment about how "rough" the landing was. Bastards.

I'm alive and already I've ditched the healthy eating plan. First stop: diner. I had a "rachel" ruben -- the "healthier" alternative, but when you're eating diner food (at one of those reproduction railcar diners) it doesn't matter how healthy you try, you're jamming crap in your gob. I skipped dessert, that is, until I found a dollar store (for packing tape, I swear!) and they had Little Debbie treats. You know what I'm talking about... 35¢ crap sweets (I went for a Zebra cake and an oatmeal creme pie). I hate myself right now because I ate both of them due to the frustration of trying to connect to the "free wifi" in my room. On the upside, the other bands are here, so I didn't miss the show.

I promised to stop by the gig tonight but honestly? I'm shit-tired. All that stressing out about the flight really wiped me out. I'm going to bed now... yeah, before the sun has even set. I'll tell you what, South Dakota is on a whole other schedule -- there's clearly no rush to anything here. Weird.

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