Saturday, July 26, 2008

four shows in

We've done Stillwater, Ionia and Wheaton... today is Janesville! I have a vision not unlike "Stepford" or "Pleasantville" where the people all dress as if it's still 1958, they drive brand-new stationwagons or SUVs and have perfect labrador retrievers. We'll see, I could be pleasantly surprised.

Today is my 2nd House-sells!!! I hope it goes well... but not too well.

I learned what a "June Bug" is last night -- the fair was teeming with them... I also saw a calf being birthed -- the county fair we were at yesterday had a "birthing tent" and I happened to be nearby when the announcement that the day's cow was calving... it was quite a sight. It's not pretty, I'll tell you that. In fact I've never been very close-up to actual cows before -- they had all sorts: Jerseys, Heffers, Holsteins? My favorite are the Jerseys -- they just look so sweet.

So yeah, afterbirth, corndogs and screaming little girls. It's been quite the three days already! Here are some photos of Minneapolis... I found a gorgeous yarn shop (Bella Lana) but was afraid to take photos. See their website and marvel at the design.


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