Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hampton beach

Well, it's interesting. It's almost stuck in time this place... the boardwalk is a little run-down but the beach is gorgeous. I don't know where these people all come from... Boston possibly?

So, I had a potential melt-down situation today, but I'm starting to get that duck's back afterall. I had a bitch session with Ian and he laughed and laughed which helped me laugh too. I know I'm pretty ridiculous most of the time... it's all good.

I need to call Cec... I suppose she'll help me stay awake on my hell-drive to DC. I've got an 8 hour drive tonight... let's see if I can make it past the city before I stop. As long as I can get a solid 7 hours sleep before I cruise into DC I should be good. Urgh.

So this kid was "assisting" me with parking the Penske and he thought I hit a car... I went and checked and my bumper doesn't even line-up with the dent. I'm pretty sure someone else did the deed but I told him to come get me if there were any complaints... so far so good.

OK. I'm just killing time... 30 minutes more and then it's count-down time. Yeehaw! I'm going to go grab a shirt for the TM now. Because that's how I roll.

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