Tuesday, July 22, 2008

minneapolis, stalking prince and a dead princess

Did you hear? Estelle Getty died today. She was probably the most golden of all the Golden Girls. I loved her as "Sophia" and that's probably why I love all things Sicilian. Well, I mostly love Sicilian pizza, but I'm going to credit Estelle Getty for that.

So sad.

I'm suffering from the tummy trauma... our landing was a little bumpy and I've been nauseous since I got on the ground. It actually had nothing to do with the flight, and everything to do with the fact that I had very spicy food last night and nothing but coffee until just now. I think my stomach is eating itself. Ouch.

Tomorrow the tour starts. Our bus -- or what I assume is our bus -- is parked outside. It looks pretty darn new, so hopefully it's got wii. If not? I'll live.

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Polly said...

Wow, you are planning ahead! We'll certainly be around for some of that holiday. We're planning to go to Scotland for Christmas this year but we usually go 24th - 27th. You're welcome to visit here if you feel like a quiet, cosy time. Though we're ever-hopeful of moving to Edinburgh, in which case you'd be welcome to visit us there.

I think you should have a Sicilian pizza today, in honour of Estelle :) P x x x