Sunday, July 6, 2008

my favorite things

Well, today O'Hare is my favorite airport because that's my launching point to home in the morning! Yeehaw! I haven't been this happy in weeks. Seriously.

I'm not going to LA this week to see my boys... this makes me immensely sad. I could go, but I'm vain and I've gained weight and I'm breaking out and I just want to be girly and pretty when I see them because when I work with them I always look like crap. Crap. I don't know if I can drop 20 pounds in a week and go see them in New York. Probably not. It would take the army corps of engineers to develop some sort of girdle device that would sufficiently pull it all together... so that means I'll be home knitting and swimming and wii-ing until the 22nd, when, it appears I leave to do another Disney tour.

I'm already trying to psyche myself up for this one. The dates I got from the merch company don't jibe with the artist's MySpace page. We'll be doing three 6-day runs. This means I'll be living like a vagabond on the bus... doing outdoor gigs, doing swag, doing it on the fly as most of these place probably don't have a display... or vendors... or anything. It's going to be another 6 weeks of sweatiness and stinkiness, but the upside is that I'm on a bus? Funny, this was 6 weeks of no bus and I'm doing 6 weeks of living on a bus. I suppose it's a fair trade... it's work at the very least... and it's relatively low-profile which means, hopefully, I won't be harassed too much. One can hope -- famous last words.

Well, I'm going to try to get the 6am flight! Or maybe I'll just stick it out and take the 8am. I've had a raging headache all day... and two new zits... and god knows how many more cellulite dimples. It was a fairly miserable day today -- and to top things off, I didn't make any money. The homeless guy I gave $5 seemed really pleased -- I told him to go get a cold one as it was a miserably hot day. That and my friend, Morgan telling me she's coming out on the 20th, totally made up for all the poo.

Laundry is almost dry... must pack and sleep.

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