Monday, July 21, 2008

packing and heat

Um, it's hot outside. Not hot enough to dry out my converse, but hot. Hot and strangely, humid? Am I imagining things?

I'm almost packed... it only took me most of the day and still I think I'm taking way too much stuff... yet wanting to take more. Le sigh. I know this crew is going to see me with my suitcase, two computer bags and my "bucket" (aka plastic bin full of crap) and they're going to think I'm some precious little girl. Couldn't be further from the truth. Or could it?

I covet Lindsey's Gelaskin. I so want one for myself, but can't figure out where I could have one meet me... I might have to use my brain for this little problem. On the upside, my KnitPicks order arrived today. Hoorah! Only 12 days after I placed it! Well, I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow afternoon -- about the time I was landing in Minneapolis, so this is a good thing.

On that note, I'm going to bring the sneaks inside and listen to them beat up the inside of my dryer for a while... just until it makes me so crazy I can't take it anymore. Maybe I should dry my sheets first, though.

Today's words: Muscato makes for a pleasant afternoon.

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