Friday, July 4, 2008

so close... yet so far away

Three more sleeps to home!!! My drive from NH to DC was grueling for some reason -- it just seemed to take forever. When I got to DC I had a bit of trouble actually finding the park -- it's so damn lush down there that everything is hidden behind trees... Luckily park found, venue vended (it was a crap evening) and I got to chill out for the afternoon. Bonus: Tiffany, my contact, got me a free funnel cake! Fat pants beware... I'm coming for you!

Afterwards, I figured I'd get a ways out of town before stopping for the night. Mistake. Well, sort of a mistake. I started driving, thinking I was closer to Baltimore than I was, and wasn't. So I stopped for gas and it was like a scene out of "Too Fast, Too Furious" or some equally pedestrian fare. I had to wait to get a pump, pulled up, fueled up and all of a sudden all these kids in souped-up civics and Imprezas pulled up all around me blocking me into the gas station. ARGH! I actually couldn't help but cry. I was so tired that I felt defeated... deflated... just done. I decided then and there to just stay at the Comfort Suites across the road. Simple plan, poorly executed. I couldn't find the entrance to the motel. Seriously. I'm not retarded, I'm not directionally challenged (not normally) but I think the dark combined with the sleepy and the frustrated equaled no hotel. So I carried on towards I-70 -- and when I got onto the highway it all went dark as if I'd driven off the edge. Seriously. I tried to cry again, but I was so tired no tears would come. I let out a banshee cry in frustration and then scolded myself knowing I'd have a sore throat all day...

I had to drive a good 80 miles out before I found a national chain hotel. Sure, I could've stopped at one of the two Bates Motels I passed along the way (which weren't even visible from the highway... scary!) but I decided to play it safe and ended up somewhere in Maryland... off one highway onto another and then a State Road and I was lost but I was at a hotel. A Holiday Inn! A Holiday Inn with a room on the 2nd floor and no elevator. Le sigh. I managed 5 hours of sleep before having to shove off again on the way to Detroit and here I am! I'm way too tired to go to the festival to see BSS, so I'm sitting here typing out some drivel trying not to sleep too early...

I heard the Escape Club twice today and Mr. Mister once on some station called "Bob" or "hits" or something equally crap. How is it possible that Mr. Mister had a top 10 single? That song is so incredibly shit it's not even funny, "So take... these broken wings... and learn to fly again, learn to blahblahblah." Yeah, I sang along anyway.

Home is within my sights! Hoorah!

Those were today's words up there.

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