Tuesday, July 1, 2008

somewhere outside of boston...

I found a cheap-ass hotel and I'm camped out until noon tomorrow. I'm really close to Hampton, NH -- where the next show is, but I figure: beach town, summer, expensive, if any vacancies at all. Le sigh. I'm so hungry that I can't eat... or is it that I'm so tired that I can't sleep. Whatev. The picture is grim.

I had the most lovely surprise today. I stopped at an oasis off of I-90 somewhere between Buffalo and Albany to do a quick email check (yeah, sad... it's time I invest in higher technology a la iPod Touch or iPhone) and someone from one of my online knitting groups sent me a hat pattern because I had marked it a favorite. It was such a simple thing to do but it really turned my mood around. Ah, there is random kindness in the world... proof, yo!

OK. On that note, I'm going to go down for a wee nap. Everything feels like it's swimming for some reason.

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