Thursday, July 17, 2008

thursday... blursday

I was hungover today after knitting, but I didn't really get drunk last night. My goal is to always call my liquor when ordering a drink because well just doesn't make the cut anymore. I had "tummy troubles" this morning... and I'll just leave it at that.

I was out shopping all afternoon and managed to spend quite a bit of money on not so much stuff. Amazing how that happens... when I came home, it was nice enough out that I decided to finally tackle my spider problem. I had a nest in the garage and while I would rather put my head in a bucket of sand over the spider nest (and five... FIVE egg sacs) I knew that this couldn't wait until trash day. I went all benihana on a tree in the front yard (after an unsuccessful attempt on the bush by my garage) to use for sweeping the nest to oblivion. I figured I had to disable the mama spider first so I sprayed her nest down with bleachy water -- I don't know if it worked, but it made me feel like I was making progress. Next, branch sufficiently stripped (so the spider couldn't hop from leaf-to-leaf and onto me as punishment) I swept the nest and the egg sacs all fell onto the ground. I contained myself... I really wanted to scream and do a weird jumping fit/dance to convey my skiiviness... Here's the thing. I really didn't want to kill these spiders. My karma has taken a big hit this year (clearly... see job situation below) and I can't afford to further bankrupt my karma bank. So I don't think I killed the mama with the bleach... and the unborn? Well, their sacs are still intact -- about half of them made it into the bushes by the little greenway at the end of the alley and maybe they'll live out their days in someone elses' garage.

Here's an awful photo of what I was dealing with:Note: one sac is out of frame...

Today's words: Retail therapy cannot undo wanton arachnacide.

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