Friday, August 29, 2008

mount vernon, il

It's definitely déja vu all over again... I'm at the same hotel I stayed at a couple of months ago on that other Disney tour. There's little to do here, either that or I lack the energy to do anything. Most likely the latter.

So, a few shows have canceled. We aren't flying to Albany afterall, which means I'm home for four days! I get to go to S'n'B next Wednesday and see my girls. I'm pretty excited. Well, I'm excited, but I'll have to not promise to go until I check my energy level. I'm fairly well shagged out... this tour has been brutal.

I got the schedule for the next tour I'm maybe doing and it's reasonable. There are about 10 unpaid days, though, which really stinks seeing as I'll be paying rent. In London. London rent. In Pounds Sterling... ARGH! But it's a really good opportunity, so if I get it, I'm not turning it down. I have to put a CV and references together. Le sigh.

I don't know about that October gig yet... but this could be a good thing. I could be home for a month, swimming and eating like a normal person, not like I've been doing -- like a caged animal who might never see food again. I'm pretty disgusted with myself and my lack of self control, but this is an alternate reality, the road, so I'm trying to give myself a bit of a break (there's so much more of myself to forgive these days, unfortunately).

What else? That's pretty much it. I'm making a habit of leaving things behind... and this is tragic.

Today's words: Sleep is fleeting; end is nigh.

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