Monday, September 29, 2008

bureaucracy sucks!

Urgh. Frustrating day on the phone today... to India. After 45 minutes of back-and-forth blahblahing about "we're sending a letter stating that you did pay off your mortgage" when, really, what I need is the Release of Deed and not just a letter saying that I paid off my mortgage I finally got a transfer to someone in the US who could tell me what the procedure is for releasing my deed. Le sigh. I paid off my house last year... in November. It's now almost October. I don't have the deed to my house yet. With all the upset happening in the markets today I figured I should probably chase this sucker down and have it in hand... just in case.

It turns out I was given bad information from my City and County Clerk way back in March and after three phone calls and numerous transfers, I finally got an emailed release of deed. Grrrr.

The next item on my list was the car -- insurance and registration. I don't even want to talk about it. It's done.

To work off my frustrating morning I rode to the pool and it was CLOSED! I half worried that it would be closed due to the holiday, but alas I forget, the City only observes Christian holidays. And yet. AND YET it was closed due to a "staff shortage." It's OK, I got in a good two or three miles on the bike, came home, cleaned and showered and now it's time for a nap. I saw the amended schedule for my upcoming tour and it looks good... there's even a couple of weeks slated for Brazil (which I doubt will happen) but who knows. Just maybe.

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