Friday, September 12, 2008

ooh, suckage

I'm at OMA and nobody else is. This is one of the noisiest airports I've ever set foot in... and what's worse is that I don't know when anyone is turning up. ARGH. I fear walking out to the terminal less I miss someone and the services there suck -- at least here I have beer and coffee and a tiny news stand. Hmmm.

There goes a guy who looks like James Blunt... maybe he's with shiny bronze tights girl? I think she's either going to LA or just wants to look like she belongs there... to me it's a bit over the top.

This just might be the right time to start eating... or drinking... or possibly both, however my new fitness plan calls for one or the other. The two in concert might make my ass too big for pants. Oh my!

ETA: men are so damn predictable. James Bluntlike just sat across from the stereotypical blonde. She's not cute, but she IS incredibly processed. Now I'm staring at the woman in yellow... oh good, she's walking away now.

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