Saturday, September 6, 2008

second to last

We're almost finished with this tour... while I'm glad my swag run is coming to an end, I'm really quite sad that this is almost over. Three shows over the next week have canceled, so I'm headed home with the bus tonight after the show while the crew and band fly home until the next show next weekend (somewhere in Iowa and then the last show somewhere in Kansas).

Last week was bliss -- being home, that is. We had a show in Denver last night and it was weird. My vendor seemed "unstable." That's the kindest, most apt description for him. I was actually calling him a "tweaker" all day, but it was clear that he not only had a substance issue, but mental stability ones too. It was when he emphatically stated his support (and upcoming vote) for John McCain that I decided to tune out... less I start to argue, which could potentially put my safety in question.

Ah well. We're pulling in to Tingley Coliseum. It's our last show with the Vanessa, thank god. The merch company ponied up and got someone local to settle her swag -- I wasn't getting paid extra for the extra work, nor was I getting any appreciation. Today being the last one, I can put my feelings of frustration and guilt aside and just concentrate on my job.

Alright. We're here. I'm going to hunt down a shower so I can feel slightly human today. I'm going to try to stay busy and not focus on being sad and feeling like I'm missing people before they're already gone.


Red said...

If "somewhere in KS" ends up being Lawrence then go to Free State Brew. I love their beer. In Topeka Jewels off of 29th and Gage is the new hot spot. In Kansas City go to the Missouri side and do Westport if you feel like a crazy time people watching.

Angifreak said...

Unfortunately it's close to Kansas City (or Kansas Shitty as I affectionately call it). Le sigh. Countdown on to home life.