Tuesday, September 9, 2008

thank... blog?

So I broke down and got a new laptop last week... I'm still waiting for FedEx to get off their duffs and deliver it (their ground service doesn't deliver on Mondays apparently???) Anyhow, at the last show our Road Manager came onto the crew bus and started blah-blahing about how Apple is making a huge announcement this Tuesday (today) and he had heard that the touch-screen MacBook Pro was coming out.

I just bought a new MacBook Pro. Not touch-screen.

I've always thought that Steve Jobs was out to ruin me; that he has my account marked and when I purchase something, it's his folly to put out something better than what I just bought.

When Kevin told us about this Mac announcement, I was gutted. I haven't checked their website yet for the video, but I hopped on MacRumor.com this morning and apparently all the changes are to iPods. Phew. The touch-screen computer is supposed to roll out later this year. Thank god. I can sleep easier now. Maybe.

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