Friday, September 26, 2008

two parts stunning

one part shambolic...

I just watched the Palin/Couric interview. OHMYGOD!!! This woman is an absolute idiot! She got exposure to foreign cultures through "education" and "books?" Huh? Woman, you said it yourself... there are two "foreign Countries" bordering the State you grew up in... why not just cross the border? She was too busy working two jobs when other kids who went to prep school, then college, had parents who bought them passports and sent them to Europe with a backpack??? This woman is completely deluded and out of touch.


I was a little sick of Katie Couric but I have newfound respect for the woman. I can't believe she was able to sit opposite Palin and not bitch smack her. Seriously. Her fervent blinking to hold back her clear disbelief was beautiful. I could not have contained myself and I suppose that's why the Couric earns the big bucks and gets to interview the candidates and I get to sit back for free and be alarmed and amazed.

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