Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In Lisbon... don't speak, no, speak exactly ONE word of Portugese but "obrigado" will only get you so far. It's beautiful here I think. I haven't actually left my room... haven't actually eaten... haven't actually anything. Yesterday was a bit of a trial; I'm not sure that I passed.

It's now 10:34pm and I'm starving. I don't know if things are open late or not... it might just be me and the apples left in my room by housekeeping tonight. Hopefully the stress of this tour will make me THIN but most likely it'll make me fat. Damnitall. One more reason to rush home when this finishes I think.

Malaga was an unfortunate place for pigeons. I saw one trapped in that horrible wire they put up to keep birds from roosting in high places -- this was at the cathedral behind our hotel. Bird, strung up like a chicken at a factory by it's feet in chicken wire. It was so sad. Later a couple of my colleagues recounted the story of their hilarious cab ride where a pigeon actually committed suicide under their taxi's wheels. The poor bird was probably on it's way out -- apparently the driver honked and flashed it's lights (which might've stunned the poor thing) and instead of walking OUT of the way, it walked right under the car's wheels. They said it made a horrible squishing sound. Twice. They also said it was hilarious (this from a 30+ year vegetarian - so I believe that it was funny). Malaga was the city where I thought about throwing myself off a balcony. But I didn't want to go the way of the pigeons... maybe I'll wait until Cologne.

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