Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today they're filming the show for webcast... and a possible DVD, but they're not saying that so as not to have to pay everyone more money for the film. Hah.

Last night there was the first real wardrobe "malfunction." I don't know why designers put really cheap plastic zippers into garments... oh wait, yes I do -- it's because designer garments which aren't specifically made for the stage, are meant to be worn on occasion -- just once in a while. Not every damn day for an hour on stage. Being danced in. So, on the 12th show, the zipper on the Viktor&Rolf pants split. I'd already put the change trousers in the quick change -- so they weren't right on stage... which, you know, I wouldn't have done if my crystal ball hadn't been on the fritz. I could've foreseen the zipper problem and maybe, I don't know, fixed it before it had broken, again mitigating the need to have spare trousers on stage???

I got a telling-to after the show -- that SHE "wasn't at all happy about the Viktor&Rolf pants." No shit? As if I WAS happy? Did I look happy as I frantically ran down to the quick change to grab the other trousers -- and was told to forget about it? Maybe I was smirking... I don't know. THEN I "missed a cue" because I can't read her mind. This is the most frustrating tour I've ever been on. I've never seen so many people run around trying to keep one person happy... I have to ask the BVs to go and hang out with her before they go on stage because they don't always remember to go into her room and have a drink with her... you don't forget to hang out with people you like, do you?

So, 8 more shows. Tonight is being filmed... for "webcast" and I can't do anything about the trousers because we have two wardrobe cases and I don't have a proper sewing kit. It's Sunday in Brussels anyway so I'd be hard-pressed to find a good store with a metal zipper and a sewing machine. We've already called this designer-friend of hers but he's in Amsterdam. Typical. I'm not really sweating it... except that when I told her I might have to sew her into the trousers, she freaked out on me. It's not THAT unusual but that's beside the point.

OK. That's my pre-show bitching. She could surprise me and be charming seeing as her family and boyfriend are here at the show today... which I think is ridiculous considering she's already going to be stressed out enough over the filming. Whatevs. I just need to walk away if she starts screaming at me.

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