Wednesday, November 26, 2008

god help me...

She's back and in rare form. I was asked why I always have "that look on your face..." which look, I asked..."the look of having the weight of the world on your shoulders." Um, yeah. I can't remember which silly request she had put in for me to make me have "that look" on my face, but I'm sure it was something above and beyond (my job description).

She was actually fine when I met her at the train station. She regaled me with stories from last night's fete... and was jovial. Then we go to the gig and she was all business. Fabulous. I got a mild chiding over the trousers -- the zip doesn't have "an end" and the hook and eye are missing. Whatever. I am over IT.

8 more days until I'm finished. I'm only going to sort out the garments for Jo... and that's me finished. SHE asked me what was going to happen with all the loaners after the tour and I was like, "not my problem, babes!" Well, not really. That was what I wanted to say. I explained that we were going to sort them and Jo would return them because I'm flying home on the 5th and the stuff might not be back at the storage space early enough on the 4th (it will but I don't want her to know that).

This is a nightmare of a tour. I doubt she'll be doing a US tour anytime soon -- she'd have to really strip things down because I can't imagine she could sell a tour... so no wardrobe! Yeehaw!

OK. I hear talking which might mean sound check is finished. That means I have to attend to HER. Feck.

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