Sunday, November 9, 2008


Last night's show in Athens was really good -- meaning I had a good night, didn't get yelled at... was toasted, in fact, and had a glass of champagne. It's been schizophrenic here for sure... my guard is always up (even through toasts).

We flew to London today -- I got my first look at T5. My luggage didn't get lost (unfortunately as one of the suitcases I'm carrying is costumes I have to have cleaned on my "unpaid days off"). Grrr. Actually, I get one day paid off, so I'm doing work for one day and that's it. That day is tomorrow. After tomorrow I'm not answering my phone until I get to Heathrow again on the 12th... unreasonable? Probably. So be it.

I sat next to a massive, hulking Greek man on the plane. He smelled of cigarettes. It didn't stop me from sleeping. In fact, it's only 2:19pm and I'm about to go down for a nap. I'm staying at a rather shit hotel near the airport, but I got such a great deal on the rate I had to take it. My room, actually, isn't bad -- it's just a really ugly building on the outside. I don't care... there's room service, internet and satellite TV. Hoorah.

So that's me. Bed. I'll upload my photos from the plane later -- we did a couple of flyovers above London while we were in a holding pattern; my pics aren't the best, but I couldn't believe the view -- I don't remember flying that low over the city in clear skies... not for a long time, anyhow.


PsychicKnitter said...

Sounds so elegant. I get to go to Philadelphia next Saturday. Wanna trade? LOL

Angifreak said...

Bahaha! Yes!! Let's trade! You wouldn't want to be here, actually. I'll bitch about it when I get home.