Tuesday, November 25, 2008

like winning the lottery

Almost. I'm at the British Library -- not doing research. Nope. Doing free internet! Hoorah! They're open until 8pm, which is a respectable hour to head to King's Cross, get a coffee and a sweet and wait for the bus to turn up. Jo, our TM is riding with us tonight, so I don't expect I need to round everyone up... which is excellent considering I've been out walking around in the cold all day (since noon, really).

I didn't make it to a movie because I had to get the trousers. The dreaded trousers. The Viktor & Rolfs with the busted zipper... I did something silly and dropped them at a local (to my shitty hotel) dry cleaners. The promised me they'd come back in pristine condition, but I did have my doubts. Well, imagine my surprise when I went in an hour and a half early (I wanted to make sure a quick trip down to Covent Garden and the bead shop wasn't needed) and the trousers were clean, pressed... new zipper installed (albeit still a plastic one). I think these will last the remaining 7 shows. If not? I really don't care. I do, but I'm trying really hard not to.

I sat at Euston for a while this morning just watching the people go by... there were a couple of Korean girls sitting next to me just blahblahing, waiting for their train, and they had the cutest capes on. I'm going to make an effort to sew more when I get home... just because.

Right. I need to find a power point so I can upload some photos. The fun, you see, it never ends.

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