Monday, November 3, 2008

madrid breakthrough?

Last night's show was good, actually... until the bit where I forgot the hat at the last quick change (the encore). Fuck. I ran it out on stage and was yelled at to "GET OFF!" So I did. I spent the night crouching on stage, trying to be invisible... it really sucked. The crowd were amazing -- they sang along to almost every song and there was this really skinny kid in the front wearing a white t and a scarf who just bopped along to every song... no matter. His nose was the biggest thing on him and I imagined one mis-step would land him face-first into the barricade, yet he stayed upright the entire show.

After, I got a thank you and a hug... which really threw me off guard. I really thought I was going to be flying back to London today instead of Bucharest. I'm here, though... in a JW Marriott hotel -- it's massive (there's a shopping mall on the ground floor). I have no plans to leave this evening, even though I should. I should go and take some pictures because it's just beautiful here... the sun has already set and I'm determined to get some stuffed cabbage (or a burger) from room service. Lame, yes. There's a curry around the corner (which means a 10 minute walk) and I might go there for lunch... can't help myself. Curry. In Romania. I might be dourly disappointed.

My room looks over Ceausescu's "palace." It's pretty disgusting when you think about it. The man was a pig. I'm not sure what it's used for now, but I hear there are tours during the day so I might head over there in the morning and find out what a complete bastard the man was. I can't even describe the magnitude of this place... I can't believe he built it off the backs of the Romanians during his Presidency. It's sad, really.

On that note... I know what the exchange rate is now... so I'm going to order some food... bath... sleep. Awesome.

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