Tuesday, November 11, 2008

manic/tragic panic

I can't stop the panicking... it's almost at DefCon-4. Seriously. I sent cleaning out all over London and just got it all back. As I'm packing things up, I notice that one of the items I sent for alterations wasn't sewn correctly. Feh. The two puffy dresses sent to the good cleaners didn't get the mending I was promised... but then again, they did turn them around in 24 hours. That alone was above and beyond. THEN at the hotel, of the 12 items I sent out, I only got the 6 shirts back... the bottoms just turned up. My life is being shortened by weeks and days, not just minutes on this tour. It's the 11th. I'll be in my own bed in less than one month.

Tomorrow we fly to Warsaw; it's unfortunate that I won't have time to explore, but so be it. I'll have to go back at some point.

Today was a beautiful London day -- it was sunny, albeit breezy. These are the types of days which make me fall in love with this city. I was in a bit of a swoon all day running around doing my silly errands. I wish I had more time to explore, actually -- since things are always changing. It used to be hard work to find Korean food here, but I saw three Korean restaurants today. I might have to drag Cec out for bibimbap on the day she arrives... or maybe I'll just wait and have my momma's cooking when I get home. Maybe that'll be best...

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