Monday, November 10, 2008


As in wet rat... or wet blanket. Take your pick. I spent the day running three errands. Yes, it took all damn day to stop at three places. Unbelievable. It's down to the rain -- not a nice, drizzly London rain, it was pretty much a downpour and there I was in nothing but a sweater and a thin water "resistant" wind breaker, jeans and converse. Not really appropriate dress for the weather today... a wet suit would've been better. I can't remember having been as wet and cold as I was all day... well, not ever, but not in a long time anyhow. It's funny the things that change when you're away for a year. What was Tower in Piccadilly and then Virgin is now some other store... Zucci or Ziccu or something -- it's still an entertainment shop, but not a brand I've ever heard of. I had a browse and spent no money!

My favorite dry cleaner/alterations shop is no longer where it used to be... or maybe I was lost. Either way, I wandered aimlessly for a good hour before I gave up and went to Liberty to get a couple of items for the Principal which she told me to pick up... yeah, sure... I'm not getting paid here, so yeah, let me run some personal errands. Feh. I'll get over it. Maybe. Anyhow, I asked the shop girl in the Beauty section if she knew of any cleaners/alterations shops nearby and she directed me around the corner... I really hope they don't fuck up the stuff I left, but then again, I don't really care too much. One of the items is for the BVs (which I was told I'm not responsible for) and the other is a bodysuit with a cut that needs to be sewn around. There are five more long-sleeved body-suits in the case, so I'm not too worried... well, that's a lie. I'm worried a bit about getting yelled at. I'll live, though.

I'm operating now as if I don't care whether or not I get fired. I really do care, but it would almost be a blessing to get shipped home. I feel greyer and fatter than I was before I got here -- and it's down to the stress. I'm in it for the money, clearly, and the more money I have at the end, the more time I've bought myself to find work, but maybe a little less stress now will extend my life by about 10 years. Don't know.

Tomorrow it's back out into the weather (which I'm praying will improve) to pick up everything I left behind... I barely have enough pounds, but I'll manage. It's down to invoicing and following-up and following-up some more. We're getting costumes to wear onstage ourselves... I'm actually excited about this -- because it'll be something to hide behind while I'm on stage each evening. What is it? 13 more shows still? I leave on Wednesday for Warsaw and three in a row, then it's back to London for five days off. Cec is coming to celebrate my birthday with me, so there is hope...

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