Friday, November 14, 2008

what is going on?

OK. Warsaw and Berlin were great shows... I don't know what today is going to be like. I'm wary and weary and teary and tired. We're all tired which means today could go either way... it could be fabulous (again) or it could be very traumatic and stressful. I'm keeping my eye on the prize (i.e. the ever strengthening dollar against my pound sterling wages. Le sigh... could be worse I suppose... I could be doing this for free but then how would I pay for the therapy after???)

Tonight we're at the Electronic Beats Festival with the Orb and some other bands I might've heard of. We get to meet our support band for the remainder of the tour (10 shows after tonight!!!) I've also got to find out about my return ticket from Cork so I can book my change home. It seems a shame to leave the UK when the dollar is having a rally against the pound, but I'm just sick for home after this tour. I really, really am. I need some creature comforts and some quiet...

Eddie asked me today if I hated him for getting me involved with this mess. I don't HATE him, but I'm a little disappointed I suppose. I always try to prepare myself for the worst, but I didn't have a clue when it came to this tour. Eh, we're past the halfway mark at any rate, so I just need to keep it together for a little longer.

OK, so I'm in Prague and it's a beautiful, sunny day out. I want to go explore a bit and then come back and nap. We're not even on until 12:30am and it's only 2:15pm now... my ride back to the gig is in about 9 hours so a quick shower now... a walkabout... a nap... another shower... then gig, bed, airport, London, hotel, birthday, HOORAY!!

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