Monday, December 1, 2008

and another one bites the dust

Tonight I hate her guts. I really, really do. I was actually wishing she'd just fall right off the stage, but she didn't. I got yelled at during the first quick change -- I didn't understand what she was asking for after one song -- the song before the change, and when I asked what she needed she went off on me... saying that I need to be "creative" and that "everything with (me) is just lists." Well, first, I'm not paid to be creative. If I choose to go "creative" with the changes, she'll yell at me. I go by lists so as not to upset her, and yet that upsets her. I'm not paid to be "creative" -- that's her fucking job.

I know she was stressed out because her whole family were in the audience, but that's no excuse for going off on me... and Joanne... and everyone she went off on today. She's just a miserable person.

During the sound check she decided to change the set a bit -- we had a rolling clothing rail which she wanted filled with clothes so that she could wheel it out to the center, poke her head through and start a song. We didn't rehearse. It didn't work, of course -- she couldn't get close enough to the mic to sing... so what does she do? She wheels the rail around the stage a bit (Jo and I watching nervously, waiting for it to tip over) and then stops and starts pulling the clothes off and throwing them all over the place. It was down to Jo and me to run around the stage picking up after her. The effect is that she looked like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum (the 2nd of the night on stage, in fact) and I couldn't find many of the items which had been strewn around. I couldn't even go into her room to gather her dress because I was so angry with her... she didn't do it in a run of "creativity" -- she did it to be a bitch. She's a mean person and I should feel sorry for her, but I just hate her at present.

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