Monday, December 22, 2008

a little swim... a little salt

I thought I'd put up a couple of photos from Salt Lake City. It's not apparent by looking at these, but it was INSANELY cold when I was there last week. No, really.
People have CHICKENS... in their backyard??? Weird. Mormons.

I went for my first swim in just about forever today -- there were bratty kids in the pool. I know they were trying really hard to not be brats, but they just couldn't help themselves. There were no grannies there -- I went too late in the day (for the 2nd open swim). Le sigh. I only did 13 laps. I totally suck and I'm horribly out of shape. The worst was walking by the full-length mirror and seeing THE HORROR!!! I'm giving myself 2 weeks of hard swimming to get back up to a mile a day and then it's on. I want to be fit by mid-February. If not "fit" then at least less jiggly.

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