Sunday, December 21, 2008

still crazy after all these hours

Had brunch with Lors... more baked goods given. Just thinking about how fat I'm going to get this week is depressing me. I threw away the fattest of my fat pants... maybe it's time to invest in Maternity jeans?

Oh lawd.

And the news. It's still all about the plane crash. Le sigh. Almost makes you want to create some news, just to break up the monotony. My problem is that I'm already afraid of flying (even though I have to do quite a bit of it) and the re-hashing and speculation about this incident is feeding my fears. I should turn off the TV but that's really too sensible a thing to do.

I also think my phones are broken. Must be. I've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting for a phone call from a certain someone (no, not Santa, but let's maybe say "Satan") and the only reason I can surmise for lack of communication is spontaneous combustion? Yeah, maybe the Meatbomb exploded after a night of drinking and mechanical bull-riding. Surely. Effing Fucker.

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