Monday, December 1, 2008

three shows to go

I can't believe we're almost finished. OHMYGOD!!! I honestly thought I'd either be sacked or I'd have quit by this point but here I sit in the "crew room" at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin waiting for the show to begin... we've got just under 2.5 hours... then a 2 hour show... then it's two shows left! Hoorah!

Yesterday flying in wasn't so traumatic; at least not nearly as bad as I thought it would be... we did Podge & Rodge (unfortunately it's airing tonight during the show so nobody gets to see it) and I didn't blag any swag while I was there (stupidly). It's all good... I'll live. She was really kind to me yesterday; I don't get all this hot and cold shit. I'm over it, but it's almost over so I'll manage.

What else? Nothing much, actually. She fell getting up the curb when we got to our hotel yesterday (the driver accidentally took us to the wrong hotel first -- Blooms... Brooks... so similar. Not really) and I had to work hard to stifle a laugh. I had one once I got to my room -- it's karma. She had a go at the waiter and manager of this airport restaurant we ate at because her "Full English" was lacking sausage and wasn't up to par. She got a refund (my money which she pocketed). Grrrr. So when she fell, I was quite amused. And then she was really nice to me and I felt horrible.

OK. Here's some pictures. I had an Irish Coffee for Lindsey -- I'll have to look for glasses when I get back to England -- I have half a day out by Gatwick -- because we're flying Ryan Air back to London and my luggage is well over the 15kg limit. Goddamn.

Photos are being fussy, unfortunately.

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moxie said...

YAY for Irish Coffee!!