Saturday, December 6, 2008

yay! oi beers is coming!!!

In honor of Roy coming into town tonight and not tomorrow morning, I'm going to share the ghetto emergency "card" RyanAir have on their planes. They're so damn cheap that they don't even have seat pockets -- they distribute their inflight magazine after everyone is seated and then collect them at the end -- I'm pretty sure you have to pay for them if you want to keep them.

Anyhow, the card is glued to the seatback:
Look closer... you must not show your panties when using the emergency slide:


Polly said...

Glad you're home safe. It sounded like a dreadful tour. I also hate people who blow hot and cold. Hope you enjoy your bed. P x x x

Angifreak said...

Oh, bed is so lovely!!! I hope you're enjoying your time at home with H and Meg!