Sunday, January 4, 2009


Why does the Universe think I need to learn patience? I wasn't in a hurry today as I left to meet a friend for brunch, yet when I pulled down the alley, one of my neighbors was parked at the exit -- just sitting there in the middle of the lane doing absolutely nothing. I didn't think I was terribly stealthy as I pulled up behind them, but they just sat there. I waited a good 2 minutes and was debating whether or not I should honk. In deference to my other neighbors, I decided to flash my brights... that worked well enough -- I got a sheepish wave and they pulled out. Weird.

As I drove on down the main street (the high street for lack of a better description), this jerk who was parked in a "no parking zone" -- yeah, right under the sign(!) pulled out into traffic and proceeded to drive 20 miles per hour. TWENTY! In a 35 zone. Grrr. When we got to the end of the street, he took up both the left and right turn lanes and just sat at the red. In Colorado, you're allowed to turn right on a red (left if it's onto a one-way) -- unless there's a sign posted against turning. Bastard just sat there. I wouldn't have minded except that he stopped at the yellow so it meant we'd have to wait an entire cycle if he didn't pull his head out of his ass. I honked. I hate honking, but I had to. He still didn't go... not until JUST before the light changed to green. Bastard. Again, he chose to drive down the center of the street -- not choosing right nor left lanes. I was finally able to pass (illegally, I know it) on the right and then he got behind me and proceeded to flash his brights in a form of protest (?). Learn how to drive, jerky.

On Speer everyone was driving 35. Across all four lanes!!! I wasn't the most frustrated driver -- that was the Volvo to my left. He was flashing his brights and honking sporadically. I managed to get in front of the Sunday drivers and he was still behind me by two lengths flashing at the Honda in front of him.

It's just weird. I expect to be held back when I'm rushing, but I was on a leisurely drive and it BECAME frustrating. Driving sucks.

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