Saturday, January 24, 2009

new beginnings

I've had a few tumultuous weeks but I think things are going to be good soon. Things are officially over with Fuckface and I think I can move on. I'm still crying, but it's not the gut-wrenching, debilitating sobs that were keeping me in bed for days... rather, I would've stayed in bed for days, but I have amazing friends. They really looked after me and that means the world to me. I've been a mess, and these women in my life didn't abandon me -- they made sure I didn't completely fall apart and I don't even know how to thank them... I hope I don't have to be there for them as they've been there for me, but I will be if it comes to it.

On to better and brighter things, the music scene in Denver has changed so much since I was in college. There's really GOOD music here now -- and I'm not talking about commercial successful music like Flobots and The Fray, I mean people who are working musicians or part-time players... band geeks grown-up and making great music. Tonight I needed to not be home, so L and I went to see one of the knitters in our group up in the dreaded A-town (from my high school days it was reviled and now I live down the street from it). Anyhow, there was belly dancing (most of it pretty good, some of them get an "A" for effort...) and music. After the dancing there was a local world/fusion type band... I'll have to look them up later. They were really amazing! There were only a couple of less-than stellar songs in their set and of all the 8 people on stage, the girl really stood out. To say she was a multi-instrumentalist would be a put-down. We saw the accordian (heart) and sax before they even started playing, but hello (!) once she took out the spoons, she became my hero.

The second band were a latin/reggae combo. Again, there were about 7 people on stage... one girl. I liked them. I just added them to my FB friends because I had a vacancy. I'll update this when I'm more awake.

I also have to talk about the Inauguration and my road trip to Carhenge and Brown Sheep but right now the "Jizz in my Pants" digital short on SNL is playing and I'm really distracted.

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