Saturday, January 17, 2009

word of the day

magnanimous \mag-NAN-uh-muhs\, adjective:

1. noble in mind or soul; free from mean or petty feelings or acts
2. showing a generous spirit; generous in forgiving

Hard work considering I woke up looking like this today:

Photo Removed

I will not cry over boys anymore... at least not before I go to bed.


kimchi said...

I feel your pain...
same thing happens to me when i cry before bed. hang in there...
ek. (found you via ravelry group Denver SnB).

Angifreak said...

Thank you... I had a couple of really rough weeks and then I got a "Dear John" type letter which just about put me over the edge. I'm still sad, but not nearly as weepy now.

Kimchi - are you Korean? My mother is... can't really tell from the photo in this post :-)