Tuesday, February 17, 2009

light at the end???

I made it through Valentines and didn't cry once. I can refer to Frank by his name and not the clever moniker I bestowed upon him during my darkest of days (i.e. Fuckface). I'm not terribly narcissistic, but I'm just now at a place where I feel better than him. I do! I'm also starting to get motivated to really get back in shape... get into my cute clothes... maybe even venture out into the world and, oh, I don't know, get a job? Meet a man or twenty?

I'm also at the end of my Blanket Exchange obligation (i.e. the goddamn squares). I've made the decision not to participate in online swaps for a while and just do some selfish knitting -- my queue on Ravelry is an embarrassment -- it's PAGES long and I also have a bunch of yarn I need to knit up before I let myself go crazy shopping again (there's a rumor of a yarn shop closing in August... so I need to de-stash some and make room for new acquisitions).

This year, while I'm not Catholic, I think I'd like to give something up for Lent. I haven't decided yet... I don't really know how the whole "lent" thing works except that you give something vice-like up for 40 days. I'm not really willing to give up something material, so I'm going the concept route -- like "self pity" or "self deprecation" or I might make myself do something like look at my body naked EVERY DAY and find one thing I like and compliment myself on it. I know, it's completely cheesy, but I need to do this and 40 days is so short.

I'm also considering doing another 30-day yoga challenge. When I did it the last time, it led to a bit of a yoga obsession where I was even considering going through teacher training. I almost wish I had done it -- I had the cash, I had the time and I'd be working now, but that's beside the point. I just felt really good when I was sweating it out every day (despite Smelly Ballsack Man and Farty Woman). I figure the money I spend on 30 days of yoga is money I'm not going to let myself spend at Taco Bell, so it's a win-win proposal. I think I need another couple of days to really convince myself.

OK. That's it. I hadn't updated in a few days... the world didn't end.


Susanna a.k.a. Cheap Like Me said...


Anonymous said...

Do it! Take the yoga challenge.

Now that you have reminded me I am going to go look up the yoga place near me.

It supposedly takes 40 days to give up a habit. So if you decide to do something for Lent, more times than not it sticks with you after the 40 days.

Good luck!

Kim aka Chickenlady

Polly said...

I think there's room in life for Yoga AND Taco Bell - I mean, it's TACO BELL, deelicious.
Love the names you come up with for people, particularly smelly ballsack and farty woman. I get the picture.
Paula x x x

Angifreak said...

I'm still not totally sold on the 30 day challenge... I'm working up to it. Unfortunately (?) I'm going to be taking a couple of trips in March, so I might have to wait until April to do it... that's better than nothing!