Friday, February 20, 2009

a really good day

Recently my friend trapped 10 feral cats in her neighborhood and had them attended to by a vet -- the ones who weren't sick were spayed/neutered, given rabies shots and then returned to be released back into the neighborhood.

I was going to cancel on helping aemcdraw release the cats today, due to my 8 minute killer workout yesterday and resultant pain, but I didn't and I'm glad I went. To be honest she probably didn't need the help but it was really cool to see her set-up, learn how the traps work and see the colony cats up close.

I really respect aemcd's dedication to do something for the feral cat colony in her neighborhood -- I can't imagine how tough it must've been to trap them and find out that two were sick and needed to be euthanized. She took the one cat deemed adoptable to a shelter that had room for him and I know that was hard; she said as much.

For years I saw Bob Barker tell people to get their pets spayed and neutered at the end of every Price is Right show and it floors me that people would let their pets go "au naturel" or whatever and it's even more mindboggling that anyone could abandon their pets, spayed or not. The cats in aemcd's colony are certainly wild and it's so sad that they have to live rough on the streets -- short lives lived in really hard conditions.

Now it comes back around to Frank. There are a number of reasons why he's not the "right guy" for me, but this one is pertinent today. He has three cats; they were acquired by him and his ex-wife when they found their feral mother pregnant and took her in. Frank smarted over "taking away the manhood" of his male cat, yet never even had the female cats spayed. He's a first class ass -- especially when he lives near a highway in LA and lets his cats outside. What a prick. If I could I'd have HIS balls chopped off, but that's beside the point -- he's irresponsible and selfish -- so selfish that he can't even care for his pets and that's why he's not meant for me.


aemcdraw said...

I love this picture of Jezebel, but it also makes me sad. All the rest of the kitties have come around for food except her! I don't know where she is or if she is alright. I wonder if one of the neighbors brought her inside for the snow? Damn. I just need to see her once to know she is alright.

aemcdraw said...

And Thank you for your help. I did need it. My back is killing me today.

Susanna said...

One reason per day and you will be all better in no time ...