Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I meant to rush home and post something about the birds yesterday, but forgot and then I woke up to the sound of finches (or whatever... NOT pigeons or geese) this morning and wanted to post a note about it. I feel like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders -- even though this winter has been exceptionally mild -- still, I'm so happy that there are signs of spring!

Today is Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday, apparently) and IHOP is giving away a free short stack of pancakes all day. I hope it's not like the Denny's fiasco although the promise of a plate of pancakes isn't as enticing as the free "Grand Slam." Free is free, though, so I'm headed to IHOP shortly.

In other exciting news, the Octo-grandaddy is giving his Oprah interview today. I have a feeling we've already seen the most compelling bits in the teasers, but I plan on watching it at 4pm with the nation's soccer moms.

Wow! Tom Jones is on The View and he's gone all frosty-tipped. I love how he's rocking his shiny suit and skinny tie but all that black against his silvery tipped top makes it look as though his head is floating in space... and perhaps it really is. Ooh, deep.

Right. Today's reason for not dating Frank: He has a very convenient memory (thank you, Val). E.g. He somehow forgot to tell me that he lives with his ex-wife yet suddenly remembered "telling me" all about it early on in our relationship as he was dumping me. This is the man who would ask me 6 times in a 30 minute conversation, "how are you doing?" because his sort-term memory was shot.


Susanna a.k.a. Cheap Like Me said...

The short-term memory alone is a reason. Just imagine when he's 70 years old. "Who are you again? Are you my ex-wife or not?"

Angifreak said...

Bahaha. Totally. I'm going to put the list on the fridge because I can't get fat on account of the bastard!