Thursday, February 26, 2009

whole foods to food bank

The news is reporting on how people are "downsizing" at home and a woman just said that her family has gone from being a "Whole Foods family to a food bank family." Um. It makes me think that maybe they weren't a "whole foods" family to begin with. At first I was upset about the debt relief the stimulus package was going to offer families who were "underwater" with their shady mortgages... I thought, "What the? I'm responsible... I'm not one of the people who borrowed beyond their means... I paid my house off completely within 5 years... I have money in savings... what am I going to get out of this?" Well, if my neighbors don't have to foreclose and further devalue my home, that's a good thing. Right? I'm still a little salty that stories on the news are about "downsizing" when really, people need to take ownership for living beyond their means and contributing to the whole mess. Yes, I also blame the banks... and I still think that the Bush Administration deserves the lion's share of blame for this whole mess (hello "WAR" and letting the Stock Market run amok with the "renegade" fund managers... not intervening when all these large corporations started failing and investigating the outrageous bonuses the CEOs were still receiving...) but it comes down to personal responsibility, too.

Anyhoodle, that's my rant for the day.

Why I shouldn't date Frank: He's indecisive. Indecision is not attractive on a man and he couldn't even decide what to eat... or what he wanted to buy... and if he bought something, guilt or whatever would make him return it (hello, shoes). He couldn't even decide whether or not he wanted to date me.


Kim said...

The story that had me yelling at the radio the other day was the woman who went from eating at fancy restaurants to buying frozen dinners because she lost her job. My rant is: if you don't have a job buy real food and cook! Do something productive. But I agree with you, shopping somewhere because it is hip is not the way to go.

Angifreak said...

Yeah... if I hear one more person who smokes complain about how broke they are, I might punch them. A friend just told me that he and his partner had to refinance their mortgage because they have a crazy amount of debt... on credit cards?!? And they both smoke. I'm like, "if you give up the smokes, you'll be able to pay down your debt..." It's just annoying. It's about choices.

kim said...

My husband smokes, but as soon as he lost his job he switched to roll his own. He went from spending $10 every 2 days to $10 once a week. Now they are going to take loose tabacco in our state and he would be paying the same price for rolled or if he rolled his own. He said he would quit by April 1st because we can't afford that.

Angifreak said...

Good for him! Seriously... my mom is completely addicted to cigarettes, but as she claims it's her only vice in her old age, I shouldn't harp on her but at a pack a day and the resultant medical expenses (HBP meds, MRIs, etc.) it's pretty amazing to think of the money she'd have had to spend on OTHER things over the last 60 years.