Tuesday, March 31, 2009

twinkle, twinkle little...

... cat butt. Seriously. He's got that stripper thing going on since they shaved all around his tail. Boots came home today with only a 1" stub of a tail -- when he flexes it, so does his anus. He's proudly been showing me all afternoon. Grrrr.

I'm really surprised that this guy is still so affectionate considering all he's gone through. He's dealing with a collar (conehead) although not with much grace. I wasn't sure that I'd still want to adopt him after his latest surgery -- I really thought his personality might change for the worse, but he's even more adorable... annoyingly so at moments.

I get to foster for two more weeks -- stitches out on the 10th and then I'll need positive thoughts so that the DDFL lets me adopt him. He's so sweet that I'd think they'd want to put him up for general adoption -- as a glowing success story. My only problem is what to do when I get work again. I was half hoping that Jess would be able to stay here and care for him, however she's committed to her house-share and I don't know when I'm actually going to be working... ideally, I'd be able to take him to someone's house but that might be too much to ask of a friend. Catsitting for a week or two is one thing, part-time custody is another. Sadly, I have to keep this whole thing a secret from my mother -- she would truly kill me for taking in another cat (mine tend to be long-lived and she has been my full-time petsitter in the past...)

In other news, I really suck at Guitar Hero -- the band edition. Drums suck and while I hope that they're nothing like "real" drums, I think I'd probably be a disaster on real drums, too. Poop. I've always wanted to play... I think I probably lack the coordination. I'll stick to fake guitar/bass and singing (sorry folks).

Monday, March 30, 2009

since it's gone all yarn and cats anyway...

I got an update on "Boots" today! Unfortunately they lobbed the rest of his tail off yesterday, but I get to bring him back tomorrow. Hopefully he doesn't have any latent trauma... I scrubbed the bathroom clean of blood and feces with bleach so all the "triggers" have (hopefully) been erased.

Apparently the poor little fucker couldn't stop gnawing on his tail stub. Yeah... um... tasty. The vet figured he had developed a compulsion to chew his tail so they took it all off. What breaks my heart is that he was sitting there gnawing on his tail for five days. Urgh. He's on pain meds and antibiotics now (pills and liquids... fabulous). I still want to adopt this guy and be an official "Foster Flunkey." I've already got a couple of names picked out for him -- so it's bad...

This is why I love him:He's lovely, isn't he?

AND, the first Shalom is almost finished... need buttons... needs blocking, then wearing.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

over the edge

My recent uploads on flickr speak volumes:
Cats, yarn, yarn, cats. Oh dear. It's time to get a bit of a life I think.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ocm update

I kinda fell off the OCM wagon the last couple of days... and my face is FREAKING OUT! Sigh. I should've just not started... I'm going upstairs to do some Oil Cleansing tonight because my face been really dry the last few days and I'm hoping to mitigate some of whatever it is I've done to my face and start doing the OCM every other day. I just can't adhere to a 2 week regimen.

In other news, I'm pretty devastated by Natasha Richardson's death. I can't help but think of some of the hard falls I've taken snowboarding/skiing over the years and how I shouldn't shrug that kind of thing off so lightly. I'm also incredibly clumsy and am prone to knocking my head on all sorts of things... it's troubling. I've been thinking about how healthy she looked... and that she had a family and it's all gone in a flash. I'm just absolutely gutted for her kids, and her mother -- no parent should have to deal with the death of a child and no child should know the pain of losing a parent. Sigh.

Tomorrow is a day for errand running and Twilight Book 3 beginning.

Monday, March 16, 2009

day 4: ocm

No change. This is a good thing!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

day 3: ocm

Things are improving!!! No new eruptions this morning. I'm going to slap on some sunscreen and take my bike out! Wheeeee!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

so wrong

I almost threw up when the new Boost Mobile commercial ran during SNL... it's a couple of pigs sitting at a restaurant eating a ham. First, the pigs were talking. WRONG! They were eating with cutlery. WRONG! In a restaurant. WRONG! They said they were "enjoying the flavors of a fallen friend?" WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! I'm sure they'll be pulling the commercial soon(ish).

Just found it:

day 2: ocm

No new massive pimples this morning... I think the jojoba/castor mix is the trick. I did, however, wake-up with a pain in the corner of my right eye; I'm praying that it's not a stye, but am taking preventative action by rubbing gold all over it. Gross, I know.

What else? I finished Twilight. Yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon -- along with millions of tweens. I found it to be satisfying in it's swiftness -- the book practically reads itself, but the content was pretty outrageous. Um... a teenage girl, smart, pretty, awkward... moves to a new school where she's popular, and while she's really intelligent, cannot fathom her new popularity... this is the first outlandish part of the story and it just gets worse from here. Apologies to you Bella/Edward/Jakob lovers -- I had the same luke-warm reaction to this as I did the DaVinci Code (which I had chalked up for drek before I even got to the title page). I'm going to read the entire series, however, since a friend is so kindly loaning the books out and I'm really, really going to try to enjoy them. I will admit that after reading the last John Irving book (which took me no less than 4 months to complete) that a fast read is just what I needed to kick start an early-Spring reading obsession. I have a small stack of books to get through and I figure a Stephanie Meyer book interspersed with some more heady stuff will keep me interested -- it's like Taco Bell for the brain.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Oil Cleansing Method. I'm trying this out as of last night and I'm going to force myself to stick with it for at least two weeks... After cleansing last night with one part Castor Oil and three parts Grapeseed Oil (had it in the fridge) my face was soft and smooth... it looked lovely before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, it looked like a magical forest on my face -- three pimples. Nice. They looked like button mushrooms sprouting on my chin and cheek... it's lovely. I'm trying to stay calm; this is something that has worked for many people and they say that the first week is going to be nasty as the oils pull impurities from your skin, but this is going to be a long, long week. I did a bit more research today and decided to try swapping the grapeseed for jojoba (got it on sale at Vitamin Cottage, yay!) so hopefully the damage will be mitigated somewhat going forward.

In other news my mother still drives me crazy. Urgh.

I also did something slightly out of character yesterday. I was out having Pho with L and these two women walked in, ordered and sat down behind us. When they walked in, one of the women was on her call phone... fine, wrap it up and then eat, right? Wrong. She continued to blather on even after the food was brought to their table -- I learned that she was visiting from Tennessee and was on her way to Los Angeles... that her insurance had some issues... that she was enjoying her visit with her friend and that she'd seen her father... and on and on. It was so frustrating. I used to have a friend who would do this -- we'd be out and she couldn't give me any of her attention. She'd constantly be texting or talking on her phone or checking her messages and it would be incredibly annoying to me.

So, aside from a couple of snarky comments from L and me which the friend not on a phone probably didn't hear I would've normally just left it. But I didn't. As we were getting ready to walk out the door, I leaned over and apologized to the woman not on a phone. I said I was sorry that her friend was so rude to her. She brushed it off by saying, "It's no big deal," which really set me off. I said it WAS a big deal, that her friend should have some consideration for her... and on and on. All the while the woman on her cell was blahblahing away completely oblivious.

I'm turning into a curmudgeony old crustbucket... with zits.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the zit that ate miami

Oh, this bulging, throbbing thing on my nose! Grrrrr. I wish I had a magic wand and a shot of cortisone.

So this morning I got a weird job proposition and I'm almost entertaining the thought of it, but it would entail moving to LA. It's being the personal assistant for a high-profile pop star and while this type of job has appeal to me, I don't know about moving to LA... would the money be good enough compensation to deal with a diva? Would it? Is she maybe not as bad as I've read about in the gossip rags? Doubtful -- she's probably much worse. Apparently the person who needs replacing was overheard chiding the nanny over something ridiculous and that's why she was let go. Hmmm. I don't know if it's worth investigating... probably not. I really enjoy working on the road and while I'd be on the road with this person when she tours, it still might not be enough money.

I'll ask my girls tonight. I mean, I could apply and maybe not even get the gig, so what's the harm, right?

In other news I cried like a baby at last night's Biggest Loser elimination. It was pretty high drama (one sister sacrificed her position in the house for the other and then in a plot twist worthy of a big Hollywood summer hit, the sister who was to stay gave herself up for elimination). I have no life, see, so this is big stuff for me!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

I woke up to snow this morning. SNOW. It's been in the 70's for the last week or so and last night we had snow... I also have a shiny, glowing red nose but that's down to my facial in Jupiter and an overzealous aesthetician who had a serious masochism streak and really went to town doing extractions on my poor face. I haven't had a facial in quite some time so I knew the extractions would be severe, but I just had no idea how bad it would be. Vince, my friend's husband asked, when we returned, how the facials had gone and we both gave a resounding "GREAT!" He asked if it was possible to have a bad facial and I had to think that it's really hard to have a bad facial. It really is. Eh, I enjoyed myself.

Spending time with this friend is always otherworldly because she and her husband are really wealthy and have famous, wealthy people for friends. It just freaks me out; I call myself, "Little Orphan Angelique" when I'm with them because I feel a bit like a charity case -- but not in a bad way. They also have a 3 year old little boy and he used to love me, but he's moved on now. For the first day he would refer to me only as "her." I'll be honest I was really heartbroken! He still played with me... we blew bubbles and played "ceiling fan" for days but the love... it's gone. I was going to wait for him to turn 18 so we could get married but I have to face facts. He's just not that into me.

The Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum was a treat. The museum wasn't so great but the "volunteers" who worked there were mint. I'll just say that if anyone ever goes to Palm Beach, a side-trip to the BRaF Museum is a must-see. I got a postcard. Somehow, and this is quite amazing, I managed to miss the "Deliverance" canoe... but I did see the boots from "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" as well as an autographed 8x10 of Demi Moore from "Striptease." Oh the memories.

I really tried to impress with my trivia skills -- we came in 3rd which meant we got our money back for playing. My biggest contribution was our team name: Vaginaclowncar. None of the Floridians had heard that one before. I felt clever even though I was really just a plagarizer... don't tell. I really felt that I was meant to be at trivia that particular night when one question was, "In which State will you find these motorways: I-25, I-70 and I-76." I almost pissed myself with joy! Alas, it was the bonus round that murdered us... although after we did the math we were always going to come in 3rd.

I'm finished posting reasons I'm glad Frank dumped me. I've decided to start going to therapy and I'll pay someone to hear my reasons. I'm moving on. I'm still sad most days -- even woke up in Florida saying, "Damnitall, he really fucked up... he could be here with me right now," when the truth is, he wouldn't be there with me. I don't know that I would've introduced him to my friends anyway, if that makes any sense. It doesn't make sense, but the thing is, I now know that we wouldn't have worked out. We're too different... he doesn't possess the attributes I'm looking for in a mate, and vice versa. Being in Florida with my friends who have a great relationship, or being around my friends here at home who are in real relationships, I can see that what Frank and I had wasn't built for long-term success; I thought that because he'd been in committed relationships in the past that there was a higher liklihood he'd want to be in a long-term relationship with me but that's a bunch of bollocks. I was simply a tour shag, yet again, and I need to learn from my mistake. Eh, it's HIS loss. I'm a fucking fabulous woman!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

holiday... celebrate...

Woohoo! Going to Jupiter, FL to visit the Martins. I'm excited... Oscar's guitar isn't finished (was supposed to be delivered in September, alas, I'm disappointing sometimes). I don't know what we're going to do, aside from some drinking and a lot of eating! I need this... I really, really do. Will report back with all sorts of silliness and many reasons I'm glad Frank dumped me next week.

Today's reason: While vain, he didn't take any initiative with manscaping. It's a shame.